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Here is a link to the explanation of Multipliers in the Zynga Support Site:


The Multiplier is the number at the top of the Coin Bonus Bar. This number is multiplies the score that you get on every Tile match that you make.


How Multipliers Work:Edit

  • The Multiplier at the top of the Coin Bonus Bar multiplies your score everytime you click on a matched tile.
  • The standard score for each tile is 500.
  • The Multiplier increases everytime you fill the Coin Bonus Bar.
  • Example: Your Multiplier is at x5 and you match a tile. Not counting the Time Bar Bonus, you will get 500x5 = 2500 Points for that particular matched Tile.

Multiplier Power-UpEdit

The Multiplier Power-Ups are the x2, x3, x4 etc. that sometimes show up on the reels. These are bonuses that are added to your Multiplier and are applied to the points you get from the very next matched Tile that you get.

Multiplier Power-Up

How Multiplier Power-Ups Work:Edit

  • Multiplier Power-Ups can come in Singles or in Combos. (Photo at the Left is a Combo)
  • The Power-Up that shows up will be added to the Multiplier.
  • The next matched Tile will be multiplied to the total of the Multiplier Power-Up and the Multiplier
  • After multiplication, the Multiplier will return to it's previous number
  • Example: Multiplier is at x5. You get a x2 and x3 Multiplier Power-Up. You now have a total of x10 as your Multiplier. The next tile matched will be multiplied by 10 ---- 500x10=5000 Points for that particular matched Tile. The Multiplier will then go back to x5.

Timer Multiplier BonusEdit

The Timer indicates the amount of bonus that you get for clicking on the matches as fast as possible. You get better scores for clicking on the matching numbers faster. If you notice, the Timer is separated into 5 bars. The amount of bonus points you get will depend on the possition of the orange line when you hit a tile.

Here is a list of the standard bonus scores you get for the Timer:

Timer Bar Standard Bonus Scores:

  • 5 - 1500
  • 4 - 1200
  • 3 - 900
  • 2 - 600
  • 1 - 300

Also, when you get Multiplier Power ups (ex. 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. that comes out from the reels) this gets added to your multiplier bonus which is then applied to your bonus points for the next matching tile you click plus the bonus of the timer.

So for example you have x1 on your multiplier bonus and you click on the tile while your Timer is at the first bar, you get the bonus of 300 points plus the 500 points you get for the tile for a total of 800 Points. Now for example, you get a x4 multiplier from the reels and you have x1 on your current multiplier, this would make x5. So when you click on the tile while the timer is at the first bar you will get (300x5)+(500x5) for a total of 4000 points.