Coins is the in-game currency used in Zynga Slingo. It is used to purchase power-ups which help get you a better score.

Coins Earned per StageEdit

The Coins earned per Stage in Zynga Slingo is constant. When the Coin Bonus Bar gets filled for the first time, you will get 140 Coins added to your Coin Bar. Every succeeding fill up of the Coin Bonus Bar adds a 35 Coin Increment to the Coins added to your Coin Bar. See example below:

Starting Coin Balance: 11,360

1st Coin Bar Bonus: 140

2nd Coin Bar Bonus: 175 (175-140=35)

3rd Coin Bar Bonus: 210 (210-175=35)

4th Coin bar Bonus: 245 (245-210=35)

5th Coin Bar Bonus: 280 (280-245=35)

And so on and so forth until you are able to finish the card. For this example, you would end up with a finishing Coin balance of 12,410 Coins.

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